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Making Ice

Originally all manufactured ice was frozen into blocks. Galvanized steel cans filled with water are still lowered into the original brine tank which is maintained at 15-22 degrees F. After about a 48-hour freezing time, 300-pound blocks in four-can grids are ready to be harvested. A grid is lifted by a hoist and dipped into a water tank to cause enough ice to melt to allow the blocks to float free from the cans. The grid is then hoisted onto a tilting raceway which allows the blocks to slide through to the adjoining freezer room storage.

Icemaker Leasing and Sales

Westside Ice is an authorized dealer for the full line of Hoshizaki products, including Ice Cubers and Flakers. Our confidence in the reliability of these fine products allows us to offer a 36-month lease with ice guarantee. During the term of the lease, Westside Ice maintains the machine and guarantees the availability of ice. Hoshizaki cubers feature stainless steel evaporators, which means years of trouble-free service. For customers preferring to purchase rather than lease, Westside Ice offers competitive prices and quality installation service.

Icemaker Specs

  • Fewer Operating Cycles
  • Longer Life and More Ice
  • Stainless Steel Evaporator
  • 99.99975% Dependability
  • Dry Pump Compartment
  • Water Inlet Solenoid
  • No Adjustment Errors
  • Compartmental Design
  • Dry Areas for Controls
  • Lower Electrical Loads
  • Lower Operating Costs

Selected Models and Capacities

KM 151 Bxx
KM 250 Bxx
KM 320 Mxx
KM 515 Mxx
KM 631 Mxx
KM 850 Mxx
KM 1301 Mxx
KM 1601 Mxx
KM 2000 Mxx
KM 2500 Mxx
Approximate Capacity
135 lbs/24 hrs
275 lbs/24hrs
302 lbs/24 hrs
468 lbs/24hrs
536 lbs/24 hrs
713 lbs/24 hrs
1247 lbs/24 hrs
1403 lbs/24 hrs
1790 lbs/24 hrs
2390 lbs/24 hrs

*Rated capacity lbs. per day at 70 degrees water and 90 degrees air.
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